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Welcome to DatCatSM

The DatCat catalog indexes Internet measurement data.

DatCat lets you find, annotate, and cite data.

The goals of the system are:

For more information, see the general documentation.


2013-02-05 The new DatCat simplified online submission system is now available.
2012-09-15 DatCat is back! All previously existing information is intact and available for browsing. We are in the process of reorganizing the structure of DatCat to make it easier to find and contribute information.
2010-09-17 DatCat database shut down.
2006-06-12 DatCat opened to public viewing.

Catalog Statistics

The catalog contains metadata about
39.9 TiB of data,
in 345809 data files,
in 199 collections/publications.

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